My experience with Saxton Leigh has been second to none. The professional advice and support provided was crucial to me securing a Risk Officer position at a Top 5 Global Brokerage House. They kept in touch and provided regular updates on the recruitment process and sought feedback from my interviews. I would recommend going through Saxton Leigh over other recruitment agencies because they are the best at what they do and they truly care about you – in terms of being happy with the matches, your potential/current employer and benefits.

R Lorick, placed risk candidate, July 2016

Saxton Leigh were very professional. They were extremely helpful with providing support and information about the role, company, and life in London. They were really prompt in responding to queries and were able to provide well-rounded responses. Above all, I had an interesting time working with them and I would recommend their services to friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

L Oke, placed audit candidate, Feb 2015

Saxton Leigh are not only professional, they also offer a personally tailored service! They made me feel like an individual, I wasn't just a number! They were genuinely concerned about securing for me the very best! I'm glad I came across Saxton Leigh!

L Napolitano, placed audit candidate, Feb 2015

Saxton Leigh were extremely professional, kind and efficient in my job search process. They were very supportive, providing guidance for the interview, and also very focused on understanding my goals and motivations. I was very pleased to find a job position aligned with my career goals. I highly recommend Saxton Leigh’s team.

L Cortesao, placed audit candidate, Dec 2014

It was clear that Saxton Leigh had carefully read through my CV and paid close attention to the direction in which I wanted to take my career. They were knowledgeable in advising what roles to put me forward for, and once the interviews were secured, they prepared me for them very well. Even when it came down to negotiating the salary, they managed to agree a fair rate and one that I was happy with. I would definitely recommend Saxton Leigh to any of my friends or colleagues, should they be looking to find new roles, and if I am in a similar position in the future, Saxton Leigh will be my first port of call.

S Swami, placed audit candidate, Dec 2014

Since the moment I sent my application to Saxton Leigh, I felt they were on the case and stayed on the case. Responses came promptly, and continuously I was ensured that my expectations matched the requirements of the job spec. I was particularly charmed that before and after interviews I was proactively asked for feedback: I received the support I required, and liaising with my future employer happened professionally. Compared to other agencies, this really made a difference. Well done! I definitely recommend Saxton Leigh.

C Josson, placed risk candidate, Oct 2014

The quality of service, support and guidance I received from Saxton Leigh has been great throughout the whole search process. My recruitment consultant always kept me updated on any developments and opportunities. Throughout the interviewing and negotiation stages they were always available if I had any queries and always got back to me with updates and feedback as soon as possible. Great service and support structure, will definitely recommend them.

J Moll, placed insurance candidate, Aug 2014

Saxton Leigh placed me, firstly in a contract position and then in a permanent role. They always assisted in a fast and efficient way, and supported me through each process. From the time we made first contact they always provided very good advice in an open and friendly manner. I would definitely recommend them to anyone else looking for a new role within the insurance and finance industry.

A Pozzi, placed insurance candidate, Aug 2014

Saxton Leigh assisted me in my latest job search. They are extremely efficient, well organised and reliable. I could not have asked for better service from them. Unlike so many recruitment agencies out there Saxton Leigh actually showed interest in me as a person as well as my career.

M Everett, placed insurance candidate, Aug 2014

Saxton Leigh have been a great help to me in the process of finding employment. They have been extremely kind and efficient in helping me obtain interviews and have promptly relayed back to me with feedback. They have made me feel very comfortable in the interview process and have been a great help to me.

I would definitely recommend a family member or friend to use Saxton Leigh Recruitment.

E Smith, placed insurance candidate, Aug 2014

From my first day on my temporary assignment to the day I was made permanent the support I received from Saxton Leigh was outstanding. Unlike other agencies, with Saxton Leigh I was always kept in the loop and remained in contact instead of forgotten. Any queries or help I needed were always answered right away, meaning less worries and a much happier work situation. They walk you through the recruitment process and the follow up after interviews, first days, first months is always great. I am extremely happy I found Saxton Leigh, who found me my great job!!

Z Belhouchi, placed risk candidate, May 2014

My experience with Saxton Leigh was terrific. I received fantastic support from the team as I was constantly updated on what was going on with the recruitment process. I was able to get all my questions answered by the team which definitely helped as well. I definitely recommend this firm.

J Bamaniya, placed risk candidate, May 2014

I was extremely impressed with the efficiency at which the consultant assigned the mandate was able to seamlessly fulfil my requirements for a new role. Listening to my needs rather than sending me irrelevant information on roles which I would not be suitable for. The on boarding process often the most stressful for a candidate was handled brilliantly. I would certainly recommend the team at Saxton Leigh who truly are subject matter experts in the art of placing finance professionals.

S Sivakumar, placed risk candidate, Mar 2014

Unlike other agencies, who have bombarded me with random job descriptions, which do not fit my profile, Saxton Leigh always kept me informed of the opportunities of interest to me. Throughout the recruitment process, whenever I had any questions, I could simply pick up the phone to Saxton Leigh and would get the necessary information. If they were not available they would always call me back, regardless of how important my questions might be. The team at Saxton Leigh will always be my first choice going forward.

J Wachrasetkul, placed audit candidate, Mar 2014

I have been extremely impressed with Saxton Leigh's recruiting approach since the beginning of my job search. They had an extraordinary sense to understand, not only my professional, but also my personal requirements, in order to find the most suitable employer for me.

Despite the multiple difficulties during the negotiation process, they have been most diplomatic, human and sincere in every occasion. I could not be more confident that I am making my move to a new company, because they found exactly the type of employment and human ethics I was looking for.

L Marquina, placed audit candidate, Dec 2013

Saxton Leigh’s excellent advice and knowledge made the whole recruitment process smooth and less stressful for someone like me who had been not been on the market for 10 years. The guidance and feedback they gave were invaluable as they provided a platform for me to showcase my abilities to a prospective employer. They kept me promptly informed of the feedback from the companies and closely monitored the interview stages so that I always felt that I was aware of what was going on - another factor that made the process less daunting. It has been a pleasure working with Saxton Leigh who are knowledgeable, focussed and approachable. 

C Manickam, placed audit candidate, Nov 2013

Throughout the whole process, from the initial phone call to my first day in the new job, my contacts at Saxton Leigh did a great job of providing me with all the information I needed and ensuring my interests were represented in all discussions with the hiring company.  In addition to taking care of all the necessary arrangements, they were also on hand to provide professional, value added advice and counsel throughout the process.

M Griffiths, placed risk candidate, Nov 2013

I was very pleased with the professional service offered by Saxton Leigh during my search for a new role. From initial engagement to interview stage to final placement, every step was handled with friendly efficiency and an enthusiasm that is sometimes lacking in the big City.

M Lundqvist, placed risk candidate, Nov 2013

During my search for a new role I found Saxton Leigh committed to finding me a role that suited my aspirations. Not only a very professional service but also thoughtful of the needs of their candidates.

T Rand, placed risk candidate

My acquaintance with Saxton Leigh for the last 6 months has been very pleasant. I am very pleased with the high quality and personalised professional assistance which I have received from the time of my interview till today. All administrative issues relating to my contract have been dealt with the highest level of professionalism. They have been very helpful with all my day-to-day queries and I have had a regular follow-up from their side. They are really nice people to work with I wish their team great success in the years to come.

S Mukherjee, placed risk candidate

My experience with Saxton Leigh has been great. Not only were they helpful, effective and professional, but more importantly they were contactable and ensured open and honest communications throughout. Their extensive network of contacts and sound knowledge of the financial markers, coupled with their consideration of my skillset and their general positive approach to interaction with me, gives me no hesitation in highly recommending their services to anyone.

M Cheong, placed risk candidate

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